Doulas, birth enthusiast practitioners and therapists, PEP student midwives, Birth Keepers, Birth Professionalss of all kinds - Are you ready to know how to save a life today and get paid assisting midwives near you?

The Professional Birth Assistant Program is here to help you dive into midwifery work in a way that works for you by getting you the foundational education and support needed for you to excel at assisting CNMs and CPMs at home and birth center births in your area now.

  • 60+ hours of learning

    Packed with video, printable PDFs, and resources that make sure you are the most highly trained Pro BA on the market.

  • Video Skills Training

    Midwives show you how to administer IVs, resolve shoulder dystocia, assess fetal heart tones in all labor stages, and more.

  • Community Engagement

    You will be supported through the entire process of becoming a Professional Birth Assistant by students and midwives worldwide via monthly zooms and online group discussion.

  • Begin and End Anytime

    The Professional Birth Assistant Program is fully online and available to start the moment you purchase. Finish at your leisure, this course is meant to meet you right where you are in your busy, beautiful life and has no set start or end dates.

Do you want to be capable of assessing and assisting during birth complications and hospital transfers so that clients get the best outcomes possible? Whether you are a seasoned birth pro or brand new to the world of community birth, this program will show you how to excel at Professional Birth Assisting.

Are you ready to learn about...

The intricacies of community birth and pregnancy-specific anatomy and physiology? Assessing maternal, fetal, and newborn vital signs and wellness? IV insertions, Shoulder Dystocia release techniques, Maternal Hemorrhage management, and more? This is where our program shines. We are glad to have you here!

What sets the Professional Birth Assistant Program apart from the rest?

The amount of value, support, and knowledge you will find inside.

Pacific Birth Institute's Professional Birth Assistant Program (affectionately known as our Pro BA Program) is the only remote learning and training program that offers you 60+ hours of online curriculum covering the skills and foundational knowledge of safe routine and complication care management in the community birth settings of the home and birth center. We prepare students with the education and the credential packet formation needed for them to leave our program and immediately begin working with CNMs, CPMs, Birth Keepers, and Traditional or Indigenous Midwives near them. More than 100 lessons of video, research, vocabulary, instruction, skills, safety, documentation templates, resources and printable PDFs to take your Professional Birth Assistant game to the a whole new level of competence, professionalism, and quality.

At PBI, we produce the most competent Professional Birth Assistants on the market serving nurse and professional midwives nationwide and across the globe.

Discover What's Inside The Pro BA Program

  1. Welcome to Becoming a Pro BA

  2. The Foundational Knowledge

  3. The Anatomy and Physiology of Normal Childbirth

  4. The Ecology, Safety, and Supplies of Community Birth

  5. Professionalism and Business Basics for Birth Assistants

  6. Working with Birthing People

About this course

  • $3,300.00
  • 179 lessons
  • 60+ hours of the foundational knowledge and routine care and complication care management techniques that help keep community birth safe for families everywhere.

Payment Plans Available

Don't let a lump sum keep you from upping your skills now. Pay over time and begin learning immediately upon purchase.

We are committed to setting our students up for success.

We have students and Pro BAs practicing in 24 US states and four nations worldwide. We scholarship one student for every 5 students enrolled. We offer all students product lifetime access so you can review anytime you need. Community support and trainings offered through zoom monthly to all students to keep up their skills and process hard birth experiences together. This is where you belong.


We're making it easy to get started. Take your birth knowledge to the next level.

  • Have you always wanted to get into birth work, but it was never the right time?

  • Are you a new midwifery student, wanting to impress your future preceptors and maybe make some money as a paid assistant while working on your CPM/LM?

  • Have you wondered if birth work was even for you, and didn’t want to commit to the 24/7 lifestyle of a full-time midwife or doula student to find out?

Our Professional Birth Assistant Program is a one-of-a-kind immersive learning experience.

With 60+ hours of content, the Pro BA Program is the most complete and rigorous training available on the market now.

Our curriculum is targeted to help novice and skilled healthcare professionals excel in the sacred role of a midwife’s assistant in their community birth scene.

Don't miss your chance to step into your new career armed with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful.