Boot Camp 1: The Fundamentals of Community Birth

Strengthen your education and apprenticeship today with the Midwifery Apprenticeship Boot Camp Series. Read on to discover what is inside Boot Camp 1 and review the full curriculum below.

  • Anatomy & Physiology

    Go in-depth into how pregnancy changes the 11 body systems. Learn the vocabulary and terminology that supports strong charting skill and ability. Identify the Cardinal Movements, Fetal Positioning, and more that are the cornerstones to community midwifery practice.

  • Ecology & Supplies

    Learn the ways that you can help increase best outcomes by honoring the person and their space. Excel at identifying supplies that are needed for routine and complication care management in the event of birth emergencies.

  • How to Set Up a Birth Room

    Set up and clean/break down a birth room in a birth center or in a home birth environment like a pro on your first day! This unit details the proper cleaning, standard precautions, and supplies for safe and supported birth.

  • Professionalism & Business Set-Up

    New to the birth world? New to the world of entrepreneurship? You are not alone! Learn the basics of how to set up your birth professional (and soon to be midwife!) business including how to communicate with clients professionally.

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Midwifery Apprenticeship Boot Camp 1 is perfect for:

  • Anyone new to community birth and midwifery

  • Doulas interested in transitioning to midwifery

  • PEP students wanting to fill any gaps in their education

  • Community healthworkers wanting to get into birth education

  • MEAC students wanting thorough education with online preceptor support

  • YOU! Wherever you are in your journey, Boot Camp 1 can help you feel grounded in the fundamentals of community birth. Read on to check out the Curriculum below!

Check Out What's Inside Boot Camp 1

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    1. Quick Link Reference - Stay Connected to Succeed

    2. Foundational Knowledge - The Goal of Boot Camp 1

    1. Outline, Objectives, and Vocabulary

    2. The Human Body in Pregnancy: What Student Midwives Need to Know

    3. The Circulatory System in Pregnancy

    4. The Respiratory System in Pregnancy

    5. The Endocrine System in Pregnancy

    6. The Exocrine System in Pregnancy

    7. The Integumentary System in Pregnancy

    8. The Musculatory System in Pregnancy

    9. The Nervous System in Pregnancy

    10. The Urinary System in Pregnancy

    11. The Gastrointestinal System in Pregnancy

    12. The Reproductive System in Pregnancy

    13. The Immune System in Pregnancy

    14. The Skeletal System in Pregnancy

    15. The Anatomy & Physiology of Normal Childbirth

    16. Fetal Positioning

    17. Leopold's Maneuvers

    18. Cardinal Movements

    19. The Stages of Labor and Contractions

    20. How Does the Cervix Change in Labor?

    21. Labor Progress and Curves

    22. Normal Hormones and Symptoms in Labor and Delivery

    23. Anatomy and Physiology Post Test

    1. The Outline, Objectives, and Vocabulary of The Ecology, Safety, and Supplies of Community Birth

    2. The Ecology of Normal Childbirth

    3. The Ecology of Home and Community Birth

    4. Ecology is About Honoring Connection

    5. Normalizing and Supporting Community Birth

    1. Setting Up the Birth Room

    2. Birth Room Safety Equipment

    3. Equipment for Vitals and Prenatal Care

    4. Newborn Care Supplies

    5. Comfort and Hygiene

    6. Cleaning the Birth Room and Supplies

    7. Standard Precautions

    8. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training

    9. Critical Thinking Exercise

    10. Ecology and Supplies Post test

    11. Standard Precautions Post Test

    1. Professionalism and Business Basics for Apprentice Midwives

    2. Being On Call Basics

    3. Dress Code

    4. Language in the Birth Room

    5. Inappropriate Language

    6. Appropriate Language and Comportment of the Assistant

    7. Patient Privacy and HIPAA

    8. Making Birth Work For You

    9. What's in a Name?

    10. BAIL team

    11. Business Entity Type and License

    12. Public Resources

    13. Invoicing and Getting Paid

    14. Now Get Yourself Out There!

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